Todd Bachmann

multimedia creative producer, editor & community designer

Todd whittled his work experiences to carve out a distinctive professional expertise - a great blend of creativity mixed with business and production management.


It started in the Midwest working for the major motion picture and television industry assisting with production. Todd switched media to help expand a public radio program which redefined storytelling called This American Life as the show’s production manager.  There he dealt with many facets of entertainment programming from co-managing the business side of a multi-million dollar budget, to marketing, to producing and developing stories for the weekly broadcast.


After 8 years, Todd left This American Life to build a fledgling Chicago radio show called Sound Opinions into a nationally distributed public radio program as Managing Editor and Director. There he oversaw the show's sound and content, managed staff, talent, business to business marketing, end user marketing and budget.


Having successfully cemented Sound Opinions nationwide and globally via podcasts, Todd relocated to the Portland, OR metro area and became inspired by the Portland tech startup scene. Its supportive culture spurred him try a new challenge and expand upon his interest in technology development. He leaped in by co-founding a company named Taggr and also assisted in organizing a local entrepreneurial event to foster entrepreneurship amongst the disability community. The tools learned from the local event where then designed to expand worldwide.


Todd’s new roots in the Pacific Northwest also emboldened him to use his production and business management skills towards his passion for urban design and community development. He created grassroots advocacy and community building campaigns to strengthen community identity. The experience led him to interact and collaborate with state legislators, architects and business leaders.


Todd's community and audio work got him invited to develop a project for exhibition at WUHO Gallery for Architecture and Design Gallery in Hollywood.


Recently, Todd utilized his blend of experiences designing content for a parent resource app Parent Lab that uses evidenced based data to help parents navigated raising children.